Upstairs, the chalet accommodates five bedrooms. They are in fact six rooms, as one of the door numbers conceals a small two-room studio. To allow families to stay at convenience with one of more children, rooms 1, 3, 4 and 5 are equipped with king size double beds as well as 1-2 extra single beds, all with very comfortable mattresses. Moreover, rooms 1 and 5 are arranged in higher standard, consisting of bigger bathrooms with a bidet. These bathrooms' windows oversee the forest behind the chalet.

The drawing shows the layout of beds in each of the rooms according to original design, in fact the beds may be arranged a bit differently.

Schronisko can also provide lower full size comfortable extra beds, which at daytime may be easily slid under regular beds, saving room space. They are not marked on the drawing, although they may be used in each of the rooms.