Like at each mountain shelter, we always keep some space for the unexpected and most welcome mountain hikers carrying own sleeping bag, with or without own sleeping pad. Thus:

  • Accommodation on the floor on our soft and comfy army mattress is available at PLN 20. You only need an own sleeping bag to use this option.
  • Just a place on the floor for one person is PLN 15
  • Both of these options allow You to use one of our generally available bathrooms (see photo below), as well as an outside bathroom located at the back of the building (until recently, now not operational as it is in progress of being moved closer to the campsite)

 Łazienka wspólna lewa

From time to time it happens that the floor in our large room with the main fireplace is unavailable - they tend to be evening hours rather than entire days. It may occur during bigger events held at Schronisko like weddings, concerts, carnival balls etc. However, we will always offer another quiet place for those whose fatigue wins the need to attend social life at Schronisko...